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How States used Bailout Funds

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  1. What is actually the situation in Abia State? The state government, in a statement claimed that the report vindicated it. Is it that states not mentioned have applied the funds judiciously?


    In the case of Delta, a bailout was receive to the tune of #10,936,799,299.36 .However, #8,129,888,279.86 was disbursed as bailout fund. It is true that the state do not owe salary as at 24th November, 2015. It must be on notice that the state government does not pay arrears to its workers. Reasons best known to the state government.

  3. Abdull-Azeez

    In my state nasarawa Local Governent staffs were being paid in percentages by the state with reasons.

  4. Comrade A. C. A. Eze

    Good news! What is the best path to follow in Nigeria? Why is that no good measure can be properly implemented in Nigeria? Is it not genocidal that Mr President in line with his appreciation of the plights of Local and State Governments’ Work Forces, fatherly, approved bailout funds for 27 state govrnors to specifically clear all arrears of workers’ salaries including gatuities and pensions of retirees in their respetive States accordingly since june, 2015, and as at July 27, 2016, based on the ICPC Report above, the said work forces are still in bittng pains on non payment or clarance of the arrears? How else can one understand the said state govrnors’ crude manifestations of gross indifferences and naked denials to the inhuman plights of their respective work forces? Must the said state governors even legalize the illegality of playing “politics” with the lives of their respective work forces? In short, this gang rape cries to the Almighty God for vengence. This wickedness at least remains unacceptable. To this end, if Mr President allows such governors to go free, then, his war against corrruption at best is deceitful. It is therefore, in view of the seriousness of the weight of this crime that such governors should be given time limit of August 31, 2016 to clear to date all the said arrears withen their respective states or state of emergency declared in any such states that failed to do so. Enough has reached enough level!

  5. Comrade A. C. A. Eze

    In God we trust. God remains the poor man’s lawyer. Greed remains vice. Betrayed trust remains painful and therefore, remains unacceptable. Nigerians must not die for electing some state goverenors. Earned salaries of workers; gratruities and pensions of retirees are their basic rights. The payments thereof are therefore, neither democray dividends nor political achievements.

  6. Comrade A. C. A. Eze

    In God we trust. God remains the poor man’s lawyer. Greed remains a vice. Betrayed trust remains painful and therefore, remains unacceptable. Ngerian workers must not die for eleecting some state governors. Earned salaries of workers; gratuities and pensions of retirees remain their respective basic rights. Their non payments accordingly remain the best definition of genocide. Their payments therefore, remain neither democracy dividends nor political achievements.